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British Horse Society Qualifications
Level 2 Diploma in Work-based Horse Care and Riding
By successfully completing this qualification, learners will be able to demonstrate skills
and apply their knowledge through a range of work activities and routine tasks related
to the care and use of horses, under limited supervision safely and efficiently. Holders
of this qualification should be able to obtain work as a groom in a variety of job roles in
equine establishments. On achieving this qualification learners can further their
training and competence by progressing onto a Level 3 qualification, including BHSQ
Level 3 Diploma in Work Based Horse Care.
Entry Requirements
• Learners must be a minimum 16 years of age to take this qualification.
• As the qualification includes practical tasks, learners will benefit from being
physically fit.
• Learners do not need to have completed any prior qualifications. However, they may
have completed the BHSQ Level 1 Diploma in Work based Horse Care or be at that
standard, as assessed initially.
Mandatory Units
1. Clean and maintain stables
2. Provide feed and water to horses
3. Carry out routine care and monitor the health and well-being of horses
4. Restrain horses using specified methods
5. Monitoring and maintaining health and safety
6. Maintain and develop personal performance
7. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others
Horse Care Optional Units – Learners Choose 5 Units
1. Fit and remove horse clothing
2. Plait and trim horses’ manes and tails
3. Clean and groom horses for appearance
4. Assess grazing land for the introduction of horses

5. Turn out, catch, and maintain horses when turned out
6. Fit, remove, and maintain tack for exercise
7. Lunge a horse under supervision
8. Care for horses after exercise
9. Assist with pre and post trek procedures
10. Load and unload animals for transportation
Riding Units – Learners Choose 3 Units
1. Ride horses on the road
2. Ride a horse in the open
3. Ride and lead horses
4. Ride a schooled horse
5. Jump a schooled horse
6. Assist the trek leader during a trek
The BHSQ Level 2 Horse Care Work Based Diploma takes 12 months to complete with 1
day per week training and work experience. This course will start in Otober 2020
and is available for 16 + year-old students in the academic year 2020-2021.
Course Delivery
An initial assessment of the learner’s prior knowledge, experience and skills will be
carried out to identify the individual’s starting point and any learning and support
needs. This will inform an individual learning plan which will provide the structure for
the learner’s training, learning and practice.
The learner will work on the yard to learn, develop, and practice the skills required to
demonstrate competence covering the full daily and weekly yard routine.
Assessment is carried out through continuous assessment by a qualified assessor at
approved assessment site, Witherslack Hall Equestrian Centre.
Internal verifiers will visit Witherslack Hall Equestrian Centre to check that
assessments are completed accurately, endorse the records, and offer advice.


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